yEA my avatar looks considerably better now. i GUESS

should’ve made it jsut a bust but NOOO i HAD to mak something super intricate

alright let’s trim this fucker

-did i mention it’s really late and i should sleep


today i spent 15 minutes in the rain escorting tiny frogs off the road

well i hope there’s a sequel and it’s called Ellie is living you to die you shit

i CANNOT BELIEVE THE LAST OF US ENDS LIKE THIS. JOEL. JOEL. you shit JOEL JOEL YOU SICK ASS FUCK argh fuck it throws my hands into the air

have you visited my favorite quotes page you totally should

it’s quite funny really, because ???? i mean i put the “Numbers are the closest to the Handwriting of God” quote because. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. i really like math and iNDEED that is such a fucking POWERFUL quote and the MOMENT in the movie where that happens, it’s HILARIOUS. i would totally be NEWT in that moment going “what LOL” but at the same time REALLY MEAN IT oh god i love that quote it’s so gay!!!!!! super gay for math

i am not SUPREMELY gay for math but it’s a very comforting subject to deal with??? i’m quite upset i won’t have it as much ??? in my career, i guess???? i mean, i don’t know where things will lead me. i am scared to try on traditional drawing and painting, sculpting and creating, but it’s REALLY what i WOULD LOVE to do??????? i really want to experiment with things but. idk. man it’s one of those things that i wish i was familiar with for a longer time so i wouldn’t be so scared to do it nowadays, REAL LIFE TOUCHING CRAFTING THINGS. hm i should get myself some buckets of legos that would be really nice

Oct. 20 3:15 pm