what did jontron do?


he used the word “retarded” (which is no longer an acceptable term to describe anyone with intellectual disabilities) as a negative word to describe a game console and a fan asked him politely over twitter not to do that, which, you know, is a reasonable request, seeing as it’s incredibly fucking offensive:

but jontron, being the empathetically stunted and ethically bankrupt gamer beardo we all knew in our heart of hearts that he was, blew up the entire thing, tried cracking jokes that were shitty even if you didn’t care about the slur, and generally acted like a huge asshat about it. Neil Cicierga called Jon out on twitter, telling him he was being a huge douchecanoe, and in response Jon just gushed at Neil, telling him he loved his work etc. completely ignoring the point at hand.

and then, just when you thought that you could pick up the shambles that remain of your loving devotion to Jontron’s quirky chubby gamer antics and reassemble some form of acceptance and tolerance for him as a person, he went on to call out Tim Schafer, who linked a video about violence against female gamers, and started attacking Tim about how men are depicted just as poorly as women are, exposing his final form to his fans: a whiny, self-important holier-than-thou MRA fucktruck whose only purpose in life is to prove everyone wrong about everything that isn’t about white male neckbeards.

and lo, built on nothing but piggybacking on Egoraptor’s success and cheetos dust, Jontron’s sprawling empire begins to crumble and collapse beneath him. former fans look on, horrified. i sit back and sip on a big mug of “i told you so.”

i STAYED UP UNTIL 00:05 TO GET SOME VERY CONFUSING PIECE OF SEX and although i’m pretty happy with newt having wathever issues with having sex (skimmed through so i don’t know what it was) im sAD. im gonna regret this decision sooo much tomorrow morning

so im going to reread Please, Sir, May I Have Another as a gift because i DESERVE THIS

haha haa i was reading fanfic.i gotta sleep!!! but im too busy. because really honestly im too anxious adn impatient for the ~~ACTION~~ between ~~CHARACTERS~~ happen!! 30 or so chapters??? im so sorry, its so disrespectful to the writers to want to straight up jump to the woo-hoo but all this wathever character talk and metaphors and VERY LONG PARAGRAPHS are. not my deal. the only kind of fanfic i’m really into is the one that leads to kinky and predictable sex


momma said knock you out


momma said knock you out


more bear owls

based on my favorite owls <3

The Zodiacs (十二支ん)