Before i go 2 bed i gotta share to u pals the new addition to my room.

do i wait until steam sale to buy mirror’s edge? it’s 19,99 at the time :s kinda pricey for me cuz im trying to get money at the moment heh

question mark so u peeps can answer ?


checked some forums on flight rising and contacted someone if they would be interested in a commission. I was (somewhat) fine with being paid in in-game money but they agreed to pay me in DOLLARS!!! AWWW YEA!!! and YEA THEY AGREED TO BUY A COMMISSION!!

i gotta try expose myself more. i think the flight rising community might be a nice place to try to announce myself. :)))


Holding up token minorities as proof that “anything is possible if you work hard enough” misses the whole point. Sometimes grass grows in the cracks of the sidewalk, but you don’t plant a garden in cement. .  

most of all i’m really proud of how i drew myself with some slight armpit and leg hair. not super noticeable and distracting, but it’s still there. aw yea

im so happy in my digital style right now

and speaking of style

have you considered buying a commission from me


i wish tumblr had more of an “educate the ignorant” attitude as opposed to “send death threats to the ignorant”



Queer subtext in media is nice and all, but have you considered:

  • Including actual queer characters instead of vague metaphors for queer characters.



[Image: Cute drawings of three couples, each with a label indicating what kind of couple they are: a gay cis man and bisexual trans man, a lesbian trans woman and a pansexual cis woman, and two polysexual nonbinary individuals. Underneath each is the caption: “We are a queer couple able to reproduce.”]


can we stop referring to all sex that could possibly result in pregnancy as “heterosexual reproduction” now


(Also, “pregnant person” does not necessarily mean “woman” for the seventy-millionth time)


Spooky’s favorite place to ride with us in the car is on the dashboard. 


Yes Asian Street